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In Western societies most people find it difficult to squat in their everyday lives. Young children have very little difficulty in doing so. but as we grow older we lose the necessary flexibility to squat as our joints become less mobile.

A low “monkey” or semi-squat is the best way that an Alexander teacher can re-introduce a student to squatting over a series of lessons.To squat follow the same guidelines as for the monkey”, but with a wider stance. Remember to maintain the alignment between the head, the neck and the back, and to allow the joints in the hips, the knees and the ankles to be free. As you go into a deeper squat you might find that your heels come off the ground. This does not present a problem as far as the technique is concerned, so long as you keep your balance. As a general rule, go only as far as you feel comfortable.

Note how the model has completely lost the correct alignment with her back as she squats. Cute layered haircuts for medium thick hair Her head has dropped, and her shoulders are hunched and rounded. Furthermore, she looks ill at ease and uncomfortable.There is no poise or grace.This position is definitely one to avoid.

In this correct procdure, observe how the model’s head, neck and back are correctly aligned. Her shoulders are widening across her upper arms. She looks well balanced, and fully in control of her movements. Also note how her heels are tucked in under the bottom. The position is also easy to get into.

See how the model has collapsed badly from the waist down. Her shoulders are rounded, the legs are straight and the knees are braced, causing tension.

Observe how the model has gone into the lunge monkey. Her head, neck and back are neatly aligned, and her knees are going forward away from her hips.

The technique in the home The key point to note about the Alexander technique is that it is not an abstract theory that you can apply when the mood takes you. It is a specific, practical everyday guide that will help you enormously whether you are bending, squatting, lifting or carrying. It gives you terrific control whatever you are doing, injecting extra confidence that will keep you alert and relaxed.

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