Cute layered haircuts for medium thick hair

Fly high orfloaton? Either way, wandertheworld with your hair that can withstand any kind of weather.

Destination: Bali

The sand, the sea, the sun of Bali… followed by the sweat, the scratchy scalp, the saltwater on your strands. If only the beach vibes could be easy-breezy on our locks. Cute layered haircuts for medium thick hair From frizz to fading, the heat can do all sorts of damage to your hair. Don’t let the elements parch your siren style. Slather on sunscreen and stock up on hair products that fight harmful UV rays, follicle-frizzing heat, and moisture-zapping chlorine.

Summer Damage: Too much sun exposure = parched strands

Winter Damage: Super cold weather= brittle locks

Destination: Korea

Annyeonghaseyo, winter season! Freezing temperatures may not bother you, but don’t leave your poor locks out in the cold. Hair doesn’t look so hot in winter (even if you do in your knee-high boots). Snow, rain, and the biting cold make hair dry and brittle. Cute layered haircuts for medium thick hair If you’re always worried about the damage to your hair, how can you enjoy your escape from the tropics?



When spring blooms in Australia, so should you. Easier said than done, Cute layered haircuts for medium thick hair because the most pleasant time of the year is also frizzy hair season. Yikes. The transition between extreme weather takes a toll on your locks, so don’t let these petty concerns put a damper on you (and your pretty spring wardrobe). Whether you’re in the streets of Melbourne or along the Sydney Harbour Bridge, always blooming ka, girl!

Spring Damage: Extreme change of weather = frizzy hair

Must Pack This:

Travel the world with a hair product that can protect your locks from any kind of weather. There’s only one that can do it all for you: Pantene Hair Fall Control 3 Minute Miracle!

On-the-go hair that’s healthy and strong, whenever, wherever

Strong hair that keeps up with your on-the-go lifestyle.

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