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When you are under any kind of difficult stress for any length of time, your body promptly reacts by becoming and staying permanently tense. Clearly this is not good for you. It can make quite specific muscles, or indeed all of your muscles, ache and feel oven/vhelmingly tired and sluggish, leaden and heavy.

In order to relieve this all too familiar list of thoroughly unwanted symptoms, and also to start releasing the underlying tension, use essential oils in what is called a massage blend.

As the massage movements begin to work on the aching muscles at surface and deeper levels, Cute little girl haircuts with bangs the oils begin to be absorbed. In time they too get to work and start tackling the inner tension. Such treatment is in itself quite refreshing.

I Rest your hands on the lower back to either side of the spine. Lean your weight into your hands and stroke up the back towards the head. Mould your hands to the body as they glide firmly along. 2 As your hands reach the top of the back, fan them out towards the shoulders in a long, smooth, flowing, ceaseless motion.

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