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Cleaning Crystals and Crystal Infusions

Before making a crystal infusion, it is best to cleanse your crystal. Cute little girl short haircuts with bangs In fact, crystals that are used for infusions should ideally be cleansed before and after each use. Once you have filled a bowl with spring water, dissolve a teaspoon of sea salt in it. The crystal sits in for up to about eight hours before being rinsed.

I Place the crystal in the water and leave to stand for about four hours, or leave it overnight in the dark.

2 Rinse it in spring water; visualizing any residues that were being held in the crystal being washed away.

To make a crystal infusion, take the cleansed crystal and hold it in your hands, imagining that the crystal is full of peace and calm. Place the crystal in a clear glass bowl, cover it with spring water and leave it in the sunlight for about four hours. Remove the crystal and bottle the spring water You can now drink the infusion prior to any mentally demanding tasks. It will aid clarity of mind and help reduce any stress that might arise as a result of pressure.You can keep the infusion for just 24 hours, after which it should be discarded. Make sure you store the infusion away from domestic appliances and electrical equipment.

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