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A period of meditation can often lead to a feeling of being refreshed, Cute medium little girl haircuts with a more positive attitude and a general feeling of well-being. Things that had been bothering you may now be seen in a new and more helpful way. You gain a different, wider perspective on things and feel very much more in control.

These beneficial reactions have been well known for years, but only in recent times has anyone found a physiological explanation. Detailed, extensive knowledge of brain scans and even brain wave patterns has given extraordinary new information about what is commonly called the “alpha state”.

Mind and body work together in meditation to promote health and well-being in the whole person.

Meditation and Work

The tensions of modem working practices often mean that people are so bound up in meeting all the vigorous demands placed upon them that they maintain a high level of mental and physical activity nght through the day. This frequently means that they are not only cutting off their extremely important emotional responses and their enjoyment of the simple things in life, but they are also pushing their physical and mental health right to the very limit Much has now been written about the management of stress, and the significant need for periods of mental and physical relaxation dunng the working day.

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