Cute medium short haircuts for thick hair


Between showering and drying your hair, always blot hair dry with a fresh towel to absorb excess water. Cute medium short haircuts for thick hair If you then apply a heat-activated product that coats and protects the hair shaft, you will minimize damage from the hairdryer and keep your hair in optimum condition.

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I actually had only two mouthfuls of red wine. That was it I just didn not want the whole glass. But, oh my gosh, those two small mouthfuls ran through my body like rich, warm chocolate. That morning before going to the lunch I spoke to Jason about introducing alcohol back into my life, and asked how he felt about that. I wondered whether he would be disappointed in me for not doing the entire year I would set out to achieve and whether he thought I was ready. More importantly, we discussed whether I would be disappointed in myself for not completing the whole year. He made a great point that I tended to take things like this to the extreme, always taking either an all-in or an all-out approach. Maybe the next six months should be a period to figure out balance, moderation, control and testing how my mind/body/ soul reacted to limited alcohol being in my life. And I wouldn not beat myself up over my choices. I ran with it and ordered a wine at lunch that day.

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