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Use this section to back up and confirm our choice from the remedies that were recommended for ailments earlier in the chapter on herbs. Cute medium short haircuts If your choice still looks good, then you are almost certainly on the right track. However if it does not, then consider trying one of the other remedies which are described for the ailment Do note, though, that not every particular symptom of the remedy has to be present. Homeopaths use the expression a three-legged stool”; if the remedy covers three symptoms of the condition, then it is more than likely to be well indicated.

Note that you must always keep your supply of remedies in a cool, dark place or cupboard. Also do keep them well away from any strong, pervasive smells and young children. Fortunately, homeopathic remedies are known to be extremely safe, so even if a child does actually swallow a number of pills, even as much as a whole bottle, you need not be unduly alarmed or concerned.

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