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Before you go out, spritz fragrance through your hair, which is more porous than skin, Cute short girl haircuts so you will retain the sweetsmelling aroma for longer.

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Some of my friends were getting annoyed and posting cheeky replies and tagging me in photos of giant burgers and other piss-take posts, but I noticed that others mainly women were getting really inspired by my updates, and that made me feel great. What I was doing for myself and the way I was sharing it on my Facebook page was having a positive impact on other people and their levels of motivation. This in turn improved my mental makeup the adage that helping others makes you feel good is so true. There is a lot of that kind of thing on social media now, but back then there weren not really any other Facebook pages in New Zealand posting exercise and diet motivation stuff. So, I kept doing it I kept training hard, made ‘clean’ eating a way of life, and kept sharing my progress all over my personal Facebook page. I was detoxing processed food additives out of my body, losing weight, feeling energised, toning up and gaining a level of mental clarity I would never felt before. I was well on my way to obtaining my ‘dream body’ and felt like a new woman! The Rarotonga trip came, and I rocked my bikini and felt amazing. Instead of coming home from the trip and letting it all go, I realised I had built a new lifestyle and I felt happy to keep living like this. I also took note of how amazing I felt not looked, but felt and knew I didn not want to go back to feeling anything less than that. I had not only lost 15kg in four months, but rethinking the way I looked at food had had a positive impact on other areas of my life.

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