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Headaches are a common symptom of stress. Often they are caused by tension in the neck and upper back muscles. Cute short layered haircuts with side bangs This can prevent adequate blood supply to the head and thus lead to pain, Both massage and exercise can ease this kind of headache.

Scented Baths

Pour a few drops of essential oil or infused oil into a hot bath, lie back and relax. Better; tie a bunch of herbs under the hot tap as you fill the bath. Rub two drops of essential oil of Lavender mixed with 1 tsp water on the head when stressed.

Soothing Tea

Put 1 tsp dried Wood Betony and >£tsp dried Lavender or Rosemary into a cup.Top up with boiling water and leave for 10 minutes, before straining and drinking. Repeat hourly.

Herbal remedies

Lavender Rosemary

Help yourself beat a hangover by taking a herbal remedy.

Hang a muslin’Bag Sf fresh or dried herbs under the hot tap.

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