Cute updos for long thick hair

If you want long locks with strength and softness, then sage oil with apple cider vinegar is an ideal combination. Sage oil successfully treats hair loss while making your hair healthy.


Sage oil – 4-5 drops

Apple cider vinegar – 2 tablespoons

Rosemary oil – 4-5 drops


Combine Sage oil, cider vinegar and Rosemary oil together. Carefully apply this mixture on your scalp and hair. Let it be on your head for 30 minutes. Rinse it off with mild shampoo and water. Repeat this application once in a week to see your hair growing long with negligible hair loss.

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Even though a massage therapist is usually the professional who provides a body wrap treatment, it is not the same as a massage, though the two services are often delivered in the same session. The therapist may leave you alone during the time the wrap is doing its work, and you should learn how the beauty spa you are visiting handles the service. You should also decide whether being wrapped for 20 minutes bothers you; claustrophobics may experience some panic during a body wrap, during which they are left alone in the room and unable to move easily. Many therapists will administer a scalp massage while timing the body wrap, if the client wants them to stay. Making Sure Your Body Treatment is a Positive Experience It is always strongly advised to speak up if the body scrub is too vigorous or abrasive, or if you feel anything on your skin that is too unexpected or unpleasant. Like all beauty spa services, body treatments should result in your feeling relaxed and refreshed. You should also decide how you feel about exposed parts of your body, and take your technician up on the offer of disposable underwear, if you can’t be comfortable and relaxed without them. Generally speaking, you should take the same advantage of a consultation with the technician or therapist who will provide your body treatment as you would for a facial. Let the therapist know of any medical conditions or makeup issues you may have, as well as your expectations for what you hope the treatment will achieve. Get a clear idea of what the treatment will entail, discuss any concerns you may have, and then prepare to relax and enjoy it.

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