Cuts for curly hair

Carrot Parsley Brandy Astringent all

Good for all skin types due to its nutritive and skin-toning effects of the carrot and parsley and the tightening, Cuts for curly hair toning and cleansing effects of the brandy.

1/2 cup fresh-pressed carrot juice from 1/2 cup brandy

1 large carrot optional: 1 teaspoon glycerin

a handful of parsley

Press juice from a large carrot and a handful of parsley in a juicer. Pour juice into a jar with the brandy. Cap tightly and shake vigorously. It is ready for use. You can add the glycerin to the astringent for a more hydrating, humectant effect for very dry skin. If you don’t have a juicer and you do have a blender or food processor, place grated carrot with a handful of chopped parsley into food processor, add the brandy and blend till everything is pureed. Pour puree into a cloth-lined strainer placed over a bowl, gather up the cloth ends and squeeze the liquid out. If desired, add glycerin for a more hydrating effect and shake well. It is ready for use. Makes about 4 oz.

Variation: Replace the carrots with apples for a more astringent effect. Repleace 1/2 cup of brandy with calendula or other tincture of choice to increase reparative action.

While you are making the carrot parsley juice don’t forget to make an extra 6-8 ounces of juice for yourself, as this nutritious juice is excellent for making one healthy and beautiful.

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