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Symphytum officinale

The remedy is easily prepared from the common herb comfrey. Cuts for long thin hair It is also called knitbone, which indicates its main use in promoting the healing of broken bones. Use the remedy daily for several weeks after the bone has been set. Symphytum can also be used for many injuries to the eyeball such as, for example, getting a tennis ball directly in the eye.

Speeds up the knitting or fusing together of broken bones.

Injuries to the eyeball, such as being hit by a hard object.


Viburnum opulus

The guelder rose is widely distributed in woods and damp places throughout northern Europe and the US. It is a valued garden plant, especially in the form Roseum’ which has large white flowers, giving rise to its common name, the snowball tree. It is also known as cramp bark and the homeopathic remedy, which is prepared from the bark, can be very helpful for period pains as well as for spasmodic cramps.

For aiding the treatment of severe cramping and muscle spasms.

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