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Basil Blend Astringent All/Oily

A sweet-smelling, cleansing and invigorating astringent for all skin types.

Combine the following freshly dried 16 oz. water herbs to equal a large handful (total 8 oz. 80 proof vodka ( or other 80 1 oz.): basil, thyme, fennel seeds proof liquor) (crushed with a mortar and pestle optional: 2 teaspoons glycerin prior to use)

Make an infusion of herbs with water and let steep for 2 hours. Pour 8 oz. Cutting long hair men of strained herbal infusion into 16-oz. jar, add vodka, and if you desire glycerin. Cap and shake well. It is ready to use. Makes 16 oz.

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I chose to take antidepressants when I was hit by a serious bout of depression when I was thirty-six. It was the first time I had taken them, even though I would been living with depression since my early teens. I only recognised I had depression in my late twenties, and at that time I focused on makeupy eating, exercise and therapy to help me get on top of my mental well-being. This second time around, though, I had injured myself and wasn not able to exercise like I had been. The injury and following surgery, in a way, caused my depression fitness had been such a huge part of my life, and it was suddenly taken away from me. I guess because of the negative stigma attached to it, I had always resisted taking medication, but this time I accepted that I needed to give it a go. Once I took charge of my depression and gave medication a chance, my life and my family is lives improved so much. In the depths of my depression, our mornings were a rush of tears and arguing: I didn not want to get out of bed (I would pretend to feel sick, often in fact hungover from drinking too much wine the night before), let alone make a school lunch, and Jana-Lee would all too often end up making her own lunch. My daughter would go off to school upset and sad, and I would be left full of regret, lying in bed all day after cancelling any meetings or events that I had scheduled, in the process letting lots of people down.

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