His career dried up after Home Alone and its sequel, and Daniel says the madcap stunts left his body bruised and battered, too. got a bloody nose when I had to stick my head through the doggy door says the actor-turned-sculptor, who blames the movie for Macaulay’s later troubles. [Hollywood’s] a dcingerous, dcingerous world for children.


It was the glue that held us all together. Over the years, I’ve been lectured about the ills of drinking so many times: by religious teetotallers, by healthy abstainers, by wise people, by stupid people, by fools and blowhards, by ex-drunks, by people who were drunk at the time they were lecturing me, and by people or who were in between sober and drunk. I know the bad things drinking can bring in its wake and I know the problems it can cause. I have seen people lose their way, lose their money, lose their ship, lose their friends, lose their job, lose their wives, lose their minds, lose their liberty, lose their lives. We all knew this – those of us who drank, which was most of us – and mostly we laughed about it. We laughed because the other side of the coin was so much sweeter. It was the bonding of our lives, it bound us together; it was our substitute for everything that we couldn’t get because of what we did. We had no home to go to for six or eight or 16 or 18 months. The hive of our home was a small cabin, 9-foot by 6-foot with a glass porthole and a hard bunk. The bunk was to sleep in, the cabin was to hide in, the ship was to live in – the ship was our home.

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