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Protective Styles

Protective styles allow for the least amount of damage to hair that is chemically treated. Protective styles include braids, cornrows, extensions and flat twists. The key is to leave your hair alone while it gradually grows out and to not create breakage with constant brushing and styling. Breakage can occur at the point where your relaxed hair strands meets with your natural curl. The point where the two textures meet is extremely fragile and can snap easily. You can combat breakage with deep conditioning. Braids, cornrows and extensions should be done professionally to insure that your protective style lasts and damage is avoided to your hair and scalp.

Transition Process with Protective Styles

Start with your protective style of choice. Have your hair cornrowed, braided or twisted by a professional stylist. Transitioning starts with your next protective style re-do.

Step One: Firstly, unravel your protective style and GENTLY detangle with your fingers.

Step Two: Use a wide-tooth comb and GENTLY comb through each section starting at the ends first and work your way combing and detangling to the root.

Step Three: To prevent further tangling when shampooing your hair casually re-twist or braid each section.

Step Four: In the shower, unravel one section at a time and shampoo thoroughly, rinse and then casually re-twist or braid.

Step Five: Once every section has been shampooed and re-twisted, run conditioner with your fingers though each twist. At this point you could do a quick deep condition with a shower cap for 5-15 minutes. Rinse out the conditioner thoroughly from each twist or braid.

Step Six: Unravel each section and saturate the hair with a good detangling spray or lotion and a heat protective spray or gel. Use a wide-tooth comb and comb through.

Step Seven: Blow-dry each section, with a vented blow-drying brush or use a wide-tooth comb attachment.

Step Eight: Use barber scissors and trim off an inch to an inch of your permed ends.

Step Nine: Finish off with a protective hairstyle.

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