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Chapter 4 – Time for Change: Transitioning to Natural Hair

After that hot day in July, my hair was a mess. Straight, stringy ends intertwined with frizzy processed strands reminded me of my Jeri Curl days. There had to be another way without the chemical suffering. Transitioning to natural hair was a possible solution.

So what is Transitioning anyway?

Transitioning simply is the process of getting rid of your chemically processed hair and preparing your natural hair to thrive on its own. There are basically two ways to do it: either you gradually grow out your hair and carefully trim the chemically processed ends off or choose to cut off the processed hair immediately (known as the Big Chop).

Sounds easy enough right? Well, for me the decision and the process I chose had a profound affect on me. Initially I decided to do the grow-out’ method. There are a few methods to growing out your chemically processed hair. Success with this method requires that you maintain the health of the two different textures, chemical and natural, over an extended period of time.

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