Dark Decadence By Mayank & Anuja Gupta, Apartment

Go rogue with sultry, rich tones of black. Goth inspired furniture, embossed and velvet fabrics and medieval era accents in silver and dull gold, mould a Victorian meets avant garde space.

LJ then went on to tell us his version of the Tony Morrell drug run, which had ended so badly for Tony. It seemed a stretched version of what we had already been told. Most seamen saw Yokohama as a good place for a run ashore in the early 1970s.

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It was cheap, it was different, it was exotic, there were lots of bars, it was crime-free, the people were polite – almost servile – the girls were pretty and delicate and fawned over men. Barry did a 16-hour stint to let me and John have a decent run ashore in Yokohama. We went down the gangplank at 5.00 p.m. in jackets and ties, dressed to gain entry to anywhere.

The intention was to have a wander around the streets before hitting the bars, although we pretty much started and finished in a narrow street of small bars and clubs on the dock edge of Yokohama.

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