Day-To-Day Hair-Care Routine?

Yikes! It’s rough. I end up mostly wearing it in a bun on the top of my head. I grew up getting relaxers my whole life till about four years ago.

I find my hair care to be way more difficult now, but I love my natural hair. My main look isn’t the curly look though, so I wish there was a way to keep it straight more easily and for a longer time without harsh chemicals. It takes a lot of time to blow it out, flat-iron it and hot-curl it, only to have it super poofy and all over the place a few hours later. Super frustrating. And I work out every day, so it’s impossible to keep it straight like I need to. And it’s damaging to my hair. So my routine ends up being me brushing it up into a bun. But that can’t stay being my routine. I’m actively looking for a solution.

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What hair products are your current favorites?

I use a few different brands.

I love Cantu conditioner and SheaMoisture detangling conditioner, both of which I don’t rinse out—I leave them on my hair unless I’m about to straighten it. They keep my curls soft. I also love Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk and ORS Olive Oil products. These are all products I use daily.

What are some ofyour favorite hairstyles to wear?

My very favorite is blown out with big waves and swept to the side. I also love it bone-straight. And I can never go wrong with a top knot or big bun. Makes me feel like I’m wearing a crown.

Who are some of your favorite hairspirations?

My all-around beauty and fashion inspiration is Jennifer Lopez. I love how she can have so much versatility and it’s all authentic. I love Beyonce and Zendaya too.

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