December Favorites Holiday Gift Ideas 2018

Hey guys, I’m going to share my current favorite products with you and as I was gathering these products I realized that some of them would make really great gifts for the holidays. So, if you are interested in any of the items I’ll place links to them in the post description below the first thing.

I’m going to talk about is something from I smell great this is a fairly new company. And I had the pleasure of trying out their product. And I gotta say they’re quite amazing. So it’s actually a perfume line and within that line there are five different products they have perfume soft body with wellness water mist it’s hair fragrance and the last thing they have just is a lip product called reactive lip lash. So forgive me thing about all these products is that each and every single one of them were made to complement each other. So you can actually mix and match the sense to create your own personalized event and for me I absolutely love these to mix together this is the candy crush soft body whipped with the beach fake perfume and together you get candy be the most fascinating thing about all these products is that they contain a self renewing sensor technology where, if you feel that the scent isn’t as strong you can just press on your skin and that will renew the scent it’s almost like those stickers where you have to scratch it to sniff for the scent this works the same way. So, if you feel like your perfume isn’t that strong you can simply put pressure to the area and the scent will renew itself which is quite fantastic it’s pretty neat.

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And I say I want to talk about it’s my current favorite dry shampoo and it is from at least now the teeth is a UK brand and it’s the number one try shampoo in the UK and for good reasons now for those of you who don’t know try shampoo is not really a shampoo like you can’t wash your hair with it what it is is it keeps your hair fresh in between washes. So if you’re one who washes your hair every single day you probably don’t want to do that. Because washing your hair every day actually strips the natural oils from your hair and actually it causes your hair to become dry and brittle. So all these products actually contain starch and starch absorbs the grease from your hair which prevents it from Griese and also it has a nice panel the line actually has a lot of sense. But I took for the first one is the extra extra large volume this one has a really yummy bergamot scent and it actually adds volume to your hair. So, if you combed your hair the next before and your curls are a bit limp all you have to do is spray this and oh how you use this as you shake it up vigorously and then you point it 30 centimeters away and spray your hair and a downward motion like this. So what I like to do is I like to start at the top and spray the week’s first off okay after I spray it I just run my fingers through my hair and then I grab a brush.

And I brush it out and then they have the original event which is just a light fragrance or a light citrus scent and this one is the original formula. So it doesn’t add as much volume as the extra extra-large one. But it does add decent volume and it just eliminates the crease that makes your hair smell fresh ink it and the other two scents I have are tropical this lot smells like coconut and bananas which is amazing it reminds me of a tropical vacation and the last one is called blush it has a really yummy floral and flirty spin. So, if you guys are into florals then just want to probably be free my next favourite product is my iOS handle should this awesome smells. So good it smells like honey – and the formula itself is really nice. Because it gets absorbed right away into your skin and leaves your skin feeling really hydrated and quenched which is what I like I guess I didn’t want to try anyone. Because I really liked this end now that I tried to scent I love it also this is called cherry blossom and it has a really sweet floral scent and.

Because of the size and the cost of these actually are only two dollars each. So it’s pretty affordable. And I think they would make really great stocking stuffers next thing on the list is this product here and this is basically a head massager. So you place it over your head I don’t erect my hair stuff right now. But you place it on your head like this, and you move it back and forth and these little pointers here actually massage your head and doing this also helps with hair growth this law. Because they’re stimulating your scalp and whenever I feel like they have a lot of tension I just like this, I watch TV and go like this, or sometime I husband does it for me and it just feels amazing my favorite is the L’Oreal sublime soft until my seller solution now this is a really neat product. Because you don’t need water to remove your makeup all you have to do is put some of this product onto a cotton pad and just remove your makeup and it just comes off it’s quite like magic which is why I really like it my next favorite skincare product is an eye cream and this one is by benefit is called its potent a lot of people tend to skip eye pain.

Because they don’t think it’s important. But in fact it’s really important and I’ve been using eye cream for years now. Because it actually prevents premature wrinkles this claims to brighten up your under eyes and fake dark circles now I don’t have intense dark circles that need feeding. But I do find that this does a good job at see puffy my eyes in the morning like it makes me feel more a week I just find that this is a really nice hydrating cream and oh with some of the eye creams in the past what happens is after I apply the eye cream. And I put my concealer on the eye cream would flake off and it will kind of rub off. But it also, if you guys have experienced that. But this one doesn’t do that it just absorbs right into your skin and when I put the concealer on it just goes on super smooth while we’re on the topic of skincare I wanted to share two more skincare of related products the first one is my boreal luna and this is something that I use almost every morning.

So this device actually has silicone nubs and the whole thing is made of silicone now when you turn it on like this, it actually vibrates using T sonic pulsations not for me this is way too gentle to use at night time I find that it doesn’t take away all my makeup which is why I like teeth in the morning at night I like to use the Clarisonic and that the uses for four years this is the meal. So it only has one speed and even with one speed it does a great job of removing my makeup and recently I upgraded to the sonic area which is a three speech device and it’s a little bit different than this I’ll do a little comparison. But I got it in the champagne pink color which only comes with this kit which is the sonic radiance brightening solution. So this is great, if you have old acne scars or uneven skin tone. So it looks like this, in the inside I haven’t used the as completely brand new I just got it. So this is what it looks like it’s beautiful this one actually has a shiny finish this is renames of me of three recently it’s longer and it feels better in my hands. Because this one is a little bit chunky.

So there’s cific friends and now the difference of course is that this is a three speed and this is a one-seat one of the things that I love about Christmas is that makeup companies come up with the cutest holiday palette. And I really like this, one business from benefit and this is they’re cheeky sweet spot blush it basically comes with all of their famous box blushes well not all of them they don’t have her fauna in here which is also one of my favorites. But they have dandelion bella bomba sugar bomb hoola curly set and off the tour and they also have two west up and a little brush. So this is pretty cool and pretty worth it this is $43 Canadian which is amazing. Because one of the Fox blushes alone is pretty expensive. So this is great, if you have a friend who loves blushes and then I also have this one here which. I’m giving away to one of my lucky viewers I’ll tell you wasn’t at first this is also by benefit this is called a sugar plan berries.

So what you get is the hoola benefit which is a bronzer and contour powder you also get their real mascara and then you get the Bennett’s hint which is a famous product by benefit it’s basically a liquid that you apply to your lips or cheeks to give it a rosy glow and it and last the whole thing the last thing you get is the professional primer. So you use that, if you are wearing a foundation or concealer and it will help prolong your makeup. So, if you guys would like to win this all you have to do is be a commentr to my blog give this post a thumbs up and in the comments below let me know which of these products you would like to try the mostest. So anything I’ve shown here I’ve just let me know in the comments which one was your favorite and that you want to try. So, if you have a friend with the hair junkie like me then what you should probably get for them is a hot tool or some kind of hair product. And I already recommend these new me hot tools. Because they’re just.

So cute. So they have pink purple turquoise. And I have these two here this one. I’m actually going to be giving away in my next post. So don’t forget to look out for that another favorite of mine is my everyday camera and this is the sony alpha 5100 for those of you who asked what i used to post i Hawaii and a mystical lookbook it’s actually this camera this is what we used and this is what we travel with. Because it’s compact. But it produces amazing post and picture quality another thing I like about this is that the screen actually flips out.

So you can take selfies now, if you have a friend of the loves two computers you can always stick with something like this, this is the Fujipost Instax Mini you just turn it on look through the viewfinder and press the shutter button here to take a picture and once you press it one of these posts will come out and then you just wait for a few minutes and your picture will develop instantly for my favorites if you’re interested in any of the process hold and don’t forget to check the post description for all the links also, if you would like to win this guy don’t forget to enter in the post comments below thanks so much for reading. And I’ll talk to you guys later ciao.

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