Break down the walls of your cubicle. Offices become more casual and transparent, persuading better creativity and productivity. Open, collaborative spaces encourage people from different fields to ideate together and inspire each other.

A bright and vibrant reading corner inside the Hubble, Godrej & Boyce’s innovation centre at the Vikhroli campus, Mumbai.


Inane, but good fun if you are drunk with dulled motor reflexes. People either smiled at us or ignored us. We had no gaijin trouble. At 2.00 a.m., we walked back to the ship. Taxis spurned us; perhaps they thought we looked evil. Our gait was the untimed co-ordination of a pair who had drunk too much: while walking along together we would diverge for no reason, then converge and bang into each other, causing us to diverge again. It seemed normal and didn’t break our pace and we got back to the dock gate within an hour.

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