Her sophisticated linen lines, under her label Injiri, employ the skills and ingenuity of local artisans. Made from organic cotton, the blue and white Asmaani collection uses traditional Bhujodi weaving techniques from a village in Kutch. Proving her refined and minimal aesthetic, Jaipur based Chinar interpreted the textiles of the Rabari clan to suit modern day decor. Website:


On the flight out we drunk beer and smoked duty-free Rothmans cigarettes and played cards. There was a film, although we were too far back in the aircraft to see the screen properly so we carried on a mini-party with a couple of oil workers across the aisle. The air hostess ferried us a regular supply of beer: we all had a fine time. Dubai airport was an ex-RAF base that had been handed over to the locals: wide hangers shimmered in the desert heat; the wind sock hung limply; a scattering of low, white-painted buildings and a military control tower. There was still a squadron of Meteors based there, although the RAF presence was muted. The arrivals reception was quiet and kept fresh by big wooden ceiling-fans pushing the air around, as Middle Eastern men in white flowing robes sat on the cool floors and talked amongst themselves. There was no one to meet us so we sat outside under the shade of the overhanging awning and waited. The roads were not that busy but the drivers made up for it by using their horns continually, talking to each other in code by the sound of it. After an hour, the agent arrived. He was a small, fat Egyptian in a white suit, driving a big white limousine, seemingly unworried by his tardy arrival.

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