Defense Formula Homemade

This formulation is based on a combination of herbs traditionally used for their antimicrobial action. It can be used to help clear infections inside and outside the body. (This is a recipe offered premade through Earthly Extracts, a medicinal tincture line I formulate (see Resources).

Use freshly dried herbs: 1/2 oz. spilanthes, 1/2 oz. calendula

1 oz. echinacea angustifolia root blossoms, 1/2 prickly ash bark (cut)

(cut), 1 oz. goldenseal root (cut), 14 oz. 100 proof vodka

1/2 oz. echinacea purpurea seed,

Grind the herbs into a coarse powder with a coffee/seed grinder and follow Directions for Alcohol Tinctures Using Dried Herbs. Add 3-4 dropperfuls of Defense Formula tincture to the hand-soak water or apply directly to the injured area. Makes 10-11 oz. of tincture.

Note: If you don’t have a scale and the herbs are chopped into fine pieces, substitute 6 tablespoons for 1 oz., 3 tablespoons for 1/2 oz. and U/2 tablespoons for 1/2 oz.

When I make compound tinctures like the Defense Formula, I tincture the herbs separately and then combine them after they are pressed. I use different water and alcohol ratios for the different herbs to maximize the extraction of soluble constituents. And I also use fresh spilanthes and echinacea angustifolia roots. I feel this provides the best tincture. However, the results from the technique described above will be more than adequate.

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