Another way of reducing demands at home and work is to delegate. If you are in a position to delegate at work then you have undoubtedly demonstrated that you are good at your job and you are probably managing, supervising and directing others. There can be a tendency for you to believe (particularly if you are Type A) that jobs will get done better and quicker if you do them all yourself, but this is often not the case. You can become overloaded with tasks which could be delegated to someone else.

When you delegate, make sure you choose the person best suited to the job and who has the time to devote to it. Give clear instructions and information about what you expect and reassure the person of your confidence in them and that you will be available should they need any advice or assistance.

There are many positive benefits to delegating. Giving responsibility to another person makes them feel part of what is going on, that you have confidence and trust in them, and it provides them with the experience they will need for their career advancement. Their self-esteem is boosted and they will probably perform well with their stress balance in the eustress zone.

Individuals can often face a mountain of demands if they have multiple roles. Looking after the home or family, planning or preparing meals, shopping, cleaning etc. This job is frequently combined with employment outside the home. Clearly, reducing demands by delegating domestic duties can help avoid distress.

Seek help when the going gets tough

Seeking help and support from others in the tasks you perform can be mutually beneficial in reducing workload and demands. Rather than struggle, ask for help. Struggling on your own can be very distressful and will certainly make a task more difficult to complete. It is better to admit you need help and then satisfactorily complete the task than to struggle to produce a poor piece of work, or even fail.

If you are looking for a job, you should seek one which you feel suits your personality, skills and ability. If you are already in a stressful job then review the demands placed upon you and your abilities to handle them. Consider your work expectations and be realistic about your ability to achieve them.

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