Deliciously Healthy NUTS FOR DOUGHNUTS

Deliciously Healthy

Thanks to allergy-conscious bakeries, free-from brides needn’t make a sweet sacriice when it comes to their treats. Here are the ones that passed the Brides taste test.


Vegan, wheat- and gluten-free, these doughnuts (top) are made using free-from lour binded with apple purée for a subtle sweetness. hey’re pretty too, and would look spectacular piled high in a doughnut tower. ‘I loved every mouthful of these cake-like, beautifully decorated doughnuts,’ says Brides Editor Jade. ‘For me, they were a total treat – which is quite surprising when you consider how health conscious they are, too.’

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Gluten-free needn’t taste gritty anymore, thanks to ultra-ine gluten-free lours. So, hello yummy lemon-and-poppy-seed letter favour cookies (let). ‘hey may lack a little of the crunch of a traditional shortbread, but they’re as melt-in-the-mouth,’ says Jessie Roseblade, Brides features & lifestyle assistant.


(Unsurprisingly) the Brides team love all things chocolate. hese cocoa-covered trules (below let) are the perfect petit four – and your guests won’t twig that they’re not piled high with sugar. ‘If you’re a fan of dark chocolate, you’ll love them,’ says Olivia de Courcy, Brides online content assistant. VEGAN ICE DREAM Not only are these ice creams by Snowlake (right) dairy- and egg-free, but they come in tasty lavours from chocolate caramel with peanuts to lime-and-basil sorbet. And we’re also loving the personalised tubs. ‘I don’t know how they’ve managed to make something cream-free taste so creamy,’ says Michael homson, Brides art editor.


Dusted in cocoa, and sweetened with sugar-free alcohol, maltitol, you won’t believe how sweet they are. ‘hey’re not only more delicious than normal sugared almonds, but they’re original, too,’ says Lucinda Turner, Brides lifestyle & fashion stylist. MARBLED MAGIC Cool girls on the East London block, Leah and Daisy of he Hardihood, mix up gluten-, dairy-, wheat- and sugar-free ‘cake cubes’ bound with dates and coconut oil. ‘he nutty base had a decadent texture; it was a divine,’ says Elizabeth Edwards, Brides creative director.

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