Shock ‘n’ Roll ………

Competent debut from the roots-rock, coun try punk newcom ers

Following on from their self titled debut EP, this is the first full length offering from South Essex based outfit, The Delta Jacks. Ryan Bradshaw (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica), Trevor Reeves (guitar, banjo, mandolin), Greg Beager (bass, keyboards) and Dominic Bauers (drums) really give it everything as they launch headlong into 11

hillbilly/country rock numbers with boundless energy.

The gentle harmonica intro to the opening track Got Me On The Run leaves the listener unprepared for what follows; banjo infused country rock with a new wave edge. They manage to slow things down for the gentle Alabama which features some great banjo work from Trevor Reeves. Daemon Girl has a bluegrass or skiffle feel otherwise the formula is much the same; gentle opening followed by hard-edged country rock.

Ryan Bradshaw’s vocals could have been a little more prominent and at times were in danger of being drowned out by the over enthusiastic band. Undoubtedly, The Delta Jacks are an excellent live act and will be in great demand on the Americana circuit. Eager punters will no doubt snap up the album at the live shows and they ought not to be disappointed. John Roffey

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