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An adjustable height couch will allow more than one therapist to use the couch and also facilitate more treatment options. For health, safety and best practice for the therapist, their knuckles should reach the top of the couch when they are standing with arms relaxed at their sides to give well-balanced massage therapy.

Wood frame couches are better to conduct energy for holistic treatments. Demi Lovato

All couches need to have a head rest that is also a face hole for good alignment of the neck and general comfort.

I recommend a removable head rest that has the ability to adjust the angle and inner flexibility against the face. This can also be removed for facials. Demi Lovato

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Electrical and hydraulic couches are excellent when the treatment room is being used by different therapists’ during the day so that height adjustments can be made quickly and easily.

Electric couches need to be plugged into a socket in the floor beneath the couch so that leads and wires are not a health hazard, and also help the room look tidy.

Couches that have electrical adjustments for knee support and back rest, are useful when long aesthetic treatments are offered; and hand and foot treatments.

If the couch has pegs to adjust the legs, it is best to have one therapist per room per day.

Most couch suppliers will also provide bolsters, couch covers, step up stools to suit your couch.

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