Deodorant Liquids and Powders

Commercial deodorants are filled with nasty chemicals and other ingredients like aluminum that can have deleterious health effects. These preparations can be some of the most allergenic products both to the wearer and to those in the wearer’s proximity. Heavily perfumed deodorants can aggravate chemical sensitivities and provoke sinus irritation, headaches or nausea. Fortunately, it is surprisingly simple to make gentle but effective products to prevent or clear body odor. It is my opinion that body odor is a natural phenomenon that is not offensive in and of itself. A healthy body produces a healthy odor. Body odors convey a great deal about an individual’s emotional state and carry hormonal and pheromonal information. However, people in our society are often intolerant of other people’s, or even their own, body odor. Many people thus find it desirable to mask or minimize their natural scent. Following is an array of deodorant formulas that combine natural antimicrobial, absorbent and cleansing ingredients such as alcohol, botanicals, essential oils, clay and other substances. The guiding principle behind these formulas is to gently minimize or neutralize body odor. Some formulas incorporate natural fragrances that subtly blend with one’s own personal scent.

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