How would you describe the sound to new listeners?

The new album is a collection of songs from four distinct artists whose 18 tracks flow seamlessly through a collection of well told stories put to song, creating a feeling of four old friends sitting in a writers-in-the-round show in a small club “somewhere in America.”

Who’s your biggest inspiration ?

My personal biggest inspiration is my lovely, wonderful wife, Petra, but when it comes to musical inspirations, I’d have to say Neil Young, who’s been creating great and interesting (well, sometimes not so great, but always interesting) music for more than 50 years now, always letting his muse carry him forward.

What’s your favourite kind of gig to attend ?

My favourite gig to attend would be any of the artists that i’m working with in a small bar, cafe or restaurant, where maybe 50 – 100 people are there, strictly for the music and to meet new and old friends.

What’s your best bit of advice ?

Be true to yourself, love thy neighbour and always keep listening to some great, new music on any physical sound

How would you describe the sound to new listeners? Photo Gallery

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