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For design visionary Tom Dixon, tomorrow’s store will be physical space that offers a “multi sensory, olfactory experience” to every shopper. To prove his point, at the recently concluded London Design Festival, he set up Multiplex with Andy Warhol inspired foil interiors. The temporary retail concept replaced mall-like defined sections for fashion, furniture, etc, with well thought out, curated corners that surprised and engaged with visitors.


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John became hooked on Blue Moon and played it over and over. After several beers, he became maudlin for his Alsatian dog that had died the previous year and started weeping. The girls were worried; I told them he was crazy. They tried to brighten us up by encouraging us to sing along, which we did: me howling away with Dean – a pair of little old wine drinkers. John bravely warbled his way through Blue Moon, wiping tears with his fists. When we left, our bill was huge because we had been buying drinks for the girls and didn’t realise how expensive they were. John started to argue but the big bouncer from the room behind the bar became intimidating and we paid up and left. Later, with our small amount of remaining funds, we ate noodles in a street stall. The noodles were peppered with vegetables and nameless meat. We hunched on wooden stalls next to a brazier and afterwards spent a thousand yen each in an arcade, playing Go – a mindless but addictive Japanese flick-ball game with no objective: you just pour coins in and stare through the glass while catapulting steel balls round and round.

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