Choose a three-quarter-length sleeve top to camouflage flabby upper arms, and leave your elegant wrists and well-manicured hands on show.

If you have well-toned arms and good shoulders, wear a halterneck top (with a well-fitting halterneck bra underneath). A sexy back is just as alluring as a prominent cleavage.


What has low overheads? What works for you, your customer? What has enduring appeal? Some streams will drop off, while others keep going strong and become your bread and butter. You might be surprised by what works. I had about eight income streams at one stage including memberships, events and workshops, ‘shake-up’ boot camps, merchandise and clothing, commission agreements for promoted products, ebook downloads (great passive income once they’re set up), an eating plan and cookbook and it soon became clear which of these streams would be successful in the long term. I didn not intend to sell Motivate Me when I started out. In fact, it didn not really cross my mind that I ever would, until one day I was on a school trip chatting with another mum who was a business mentor, and she asked me what my exit strategy was. I didn not have one hadn not even thought about it! She got me excited about the possibility of eventually selling, and I ended up hiring her as my mentor for a while. She opened me up to the idea that it wasn not necessarily a bad thing to sell your ‘baby’ and go on and do other things. When the time came, I knew it needed to be done but more importantly, why it needed to be done. Motivate Me memberships and events, and M Fit clothing and merchandise were two very successful income streams, and eventually, when it came time to sell, those two were strong, recognisable, established companies that offered an attractive prospect to buyers. By this time, I had pulled my own Makaia Carr brand away so that I could keep my personal brand when I sold those businesses, and I had taken steps to ensure they were still an attractive business proposition without me being involved.

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