This Designer is Kate Middleton’s Secret to Being a Perfectly Dressed Wedding Guest

This is Kate Middleton’s Secret to Being a Best-Dressed Wedding Guest

Kate Middleton

The dress I found just felt like the one it is sort of like when you meet your husband you know that that that is it, and you do not have to look any further while. I was having a very english wedding in the countryside I wanted to wear an american designer it was important to have that stamp on the wedding. I have always been a huge fan of oscar de la renta his signs are timeless, and beautiful, and that is how you want to feel on your wedding day since we were getting married in such a traditional way in a church, I wanted to wear lace.

So I tried lots of different options, and in the end the one I found just worked, and I just felt beautiful in it the dress I found was strapless. But I knew that I wanted to have my shoulders covered I have always loved the neckline that jackie kennedy had on her dress so we really tried to recreate that it was important to me when choosing the veil that you could see the lace, and the buttons that went down the back and.

So I chose a very simple veil that is sheer enough where you could see all the intricate details of the back of the dress the most important thing was that the shoes were comfortable. So I found the perfect jimmy choo they had a little peep toe, and strap at the back they were high enough, or I felt beautiful, and confident in them.

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But they weren’t too high where I couldn’t walk in them, and lasted me for eight hours. I always loved the earrings kate middleton wore at her wedding, and so after doing some research finding out they were robinson pelham at jeweler in london. I contacted them, and actually found a pair that worked perfectly they were pear-shaped with a diamond drop in the middle.

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I think a lot of brides wear their hair off on their wedding day. But I worked very naturally it was important to me that. I looked like myself when, I walk down the aisle I wanted to have my cousins, and my sisters up there with me. But I did not put them all on the same dress.

Alexander McQueen.

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I asked them to choose long dress in a shade of blue. Because I thought it would work with the mood of the whole wedding, and they all picked something they felt good, and beautiful, and and you know it really just added to the special nature of the day peregrin, and oscar’s wore traditional english morning coats which they all looked very handsome. I remember walking down the aisle, and seeing a big smile when we locked eyes, and I knew I have got it right, we wanted to something different a lot of people have fireworks we had an airshow for more of ugh weddings comment to the bogue my blog.

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