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Oona’s Experienced Clothing US

1210 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge; (617) 491-2654 Perhaps the earthiest of Cambridge’s vintage clothing stores, Oona’s is funky without even trying. The Harvard Square shop winds from room to room, each filled with a different kind of clothing dresses, men’s suits, and their famous $5 leather jackets.

A ton of clothing is mostly $10 and under; sweaters are $5 to $10, men’s sportcoats $5, long Indian wrap skirts $4 to $6. Plus genuine fashions from the 1960s and, these days, the 1970s (hmmm). Better quality used leather jackets go for $75 and up; the $5 styles are, well, really broken in. Oona’s also has lots of handcrafted bead and silver jewelry under $10, plus Manic Panic neon hair dyes, and a special selection of wacky stuff for Halloween. Open daily until 7 PM. Sundays ’til 6.

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