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Mac's tarantula-keeping on-screen brother never made it to the major leagues. His CV is littered with bit parts and guest roles in TV series like Law & Order and The Good Wfe.

Down the corridor were the communal washrooms, tiled and echoing. The urinal was a long porcelain tank, and in the communal showers I was flayed with cold water which felt as heavy as if it were plunging from a waterfall. The largest population of the mission was British sailors, followed by other Europeans – predominantly Germans, Dutch, Scandinavians and French.

There were a few Russians and Indians.

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I stayed in Connell House several times and always enjoyed it. On my day off, I took a bus to Katong, where I had lived 18 months previously.

There wasn’t much change; this was before Singapore was developed into a megopolis. Then, it was a busy bustling exciting place, chock-full of all the races of the East and beyond: the Chinese majority were mostly from south China although there was a good representation from the northeast. They existed side-by-side with Malays, Tamils, Sikhs, Filipinos, Europeans and several-dozen other races around the edges.

Singapore was a place of noise and movement and wet clamming heat that erupted into rain in the afternoon when the thunderheads rolled in from Sumatra.

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