Who knew Puff Daddy was a massive Downton Abbey fan boy? The rapper has revealed he’s so hooked on the period drama he wrote a letter of complaint after his crush Lady Sybil Crawley (Jessica Brown Findlay) was killed off. It was devastating, he says. I was angry and wrote to the creators saying it was uncalled for and stressful


Our camaraderie took shape out of young men coming of age and forming their morals and views, and then taking their stand in the world. We stuck together because we had to. We couldn’t go home at night: we were home. We were sitting on the deck of the foc’sle (forecastle) one afternoon. The three of us had been greasing the dogs – the swivel handles that locked the watertight doors – for all the focsle doors. We had to take off the dogs that were jammed, which was most of them, soak the movements in kerosene, scrub the shafts with a wire brush, grease everything, then put it back in place. It wasn’t a bad job, amongst the jobs we were given, and we could take all the dogs that had to be repaired up on deck and sit in the sun in our shorts while we worked. When afternoon smoko arrived, it seemed too nice to go back to the accommodation block to make coffee, so we stayed in the sun and leant over the bulwarks and watched the dolphins riding the bow wave – dozens of them, aquaplaning ahead of us. A fat-bellied aeroplane went past, low overhead, RAF roundels on the wings. I had been living with my family in Singapore 18 months beforehand, so I vaguely knew about the RAF flying patterns in that part of the world.

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