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Athletes as artists and clairvoyants

Dord Fitz, an art teacher/historian who organized the first commercial Exercise Method course for Workout and Fitness in Amarillo, Texas, in 1966, taught art to ordinary people as a method to help them develop their clairvoyant abilities.

Before he had even met Workout and Fitness or discovered the Exercise Method as a straightforward way to teach people to develop their clairvoyant abilities, Fitz had always insisted, “You cannot be a great artist unless you are also a great clairvoyant.”

While Fitz was teaching art at the University of Alabama, he became friends with legendary football coach Bear Bryant. Bryant sent his football players to Fitz’s art class, not because it was an easy course, but because they benefited so much.

“The great athletes were also great artists,” Fitz said.

As Dord Fitz suspected, this great right-brain ability which produces art, clairvoyance, intuition, creativity – makes people champions in any field. But you do not need to take the roundabout pathway of learning art in order to develop your clairvoyant ability – you can do it with the Exercise workout and fitness techniques.

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Putting clairvoyant abilities to the test

In the new Exercise UltraMind ESP System, we use a very direct method for demonstrating students’ clairvoyant abilities. We have to, because we promise to give students their money back if they are not satisfied. We don’t depend on artistic ability or tests like those used by Dr. Maycock to determine attitude and brain hemisphere dominance.

Instead, we use a method called “case working” to find out whether the students can sense information not available to their physical senses and to verify their accuracy.

In case working, the Exercise student is given the name and age of someone who is not present and whom he or she doesn’t know, then uses his or her mind to sense what kind of health problem that person has.

The names of the subjects do not come from the instructor but from other students in the class; they are people outside the class whom the students know.

When the students are able to obtain the information not available to their physical senses, they know they have learned to use their intuition. How accurate are the participants in the Exercise courses?

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