Diet for the Overweight

If you are overweight and wish to recapture a lithe, shapely figure, remember that this can be easily accomplished. All you have to do is to follow a sound, simple way of living and the prize is yours. We offer a great variety of nourishing dishes here that will keep you well fed and yet will help melt excess weight off your body.

Omit grain foods, fats, and sweets. Avoid soups, especially the richer soups, eat sparingly of protein foods, and control overeating. You will find a host of interesting dishes listed here that will make dieting pleasant and yet help you lose weight.

An ideal diet for those who wish to lose weight follows: morning Half grapefruit (unsweetened), one kind of stewed or raw fruit (no sugar or cream), hot lemonade or any one of the herb teas listed in the book (sweetened with honey). noon A raw vegetable salad or fresh fruit salad, 1 or 2 steamed vegetables, half grapefruit, hot beverage (as above). evening Raw vegetable salad; baked potato or com on cob every other day; or a small portion of your favorite protein food on alternate days (omit nuts and butter because of high fat content), one steamed leafy vegetable, fruit or berries for dessert (salt should be omitted entirely since it holds fluid in the body and tends to increase weight).

In an attempt to control excess weight, people often embrace various freak diets. These diets not only fail to provide permanent results; in many instances they actually lay the foundation for a great deal of damage to our health. The obese person must carefully control the amount he eats, and at the same time make sure that his diet provides all the nourishment he needs.

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