Follow this week of menus to kick-start your healthy eating resolutions.

When starting a new healthy eatingregimen, planning is key until you getinto the habit of making healthy choiceswhen shopping and cooking. Choose aday every week to plan your meals for the week ahead. Thiswill allow you to make a shopping list that contains only thefoods you’ll need. Make sure you stick to this list whenshopping and don’t put any ‘treats’ into your trolley! It’s important to includeprotein, healthy fats andcarbohydrates in your mealsas they all have vital roles toplay for both your health andweight-loss goals. The key isto look at how much of eachof these macronutrients youare including in your meals aswell as the quality of the food.The easiest way to do thisis to divide up your plate.Ideally, half should bevegetables. A quarter of theplate should be protein suchas lean meat, fish, eggs ortofu and a quarter shouldbe a wholesome source ofcarbohydrate such as brownrice or sweet potato. Includefoods rich in healthy fats suchas oily fish, avocado or nuts.

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Prepare as many of your meals as you can in advanceso, after a hard day, you’renot tempted to fall backinto old habits. You canbatch cook healthy mealsat the beginning of theweek and freeze them soyou always have healthychoices available.Aim to stay hydratedthroughout the day as hungerand thirst signals canbecome confused. If youdon’t like drinking plainwater, try flavouring it witha squeeze of lemon or limejuice or sliced cucumber.The thing to rememberwhen starting a new healthyeating plan is why youdecided to begin it in thefirst place. If you fall offthe wagon, try to remindyourself of your goals andwhy you want to achievethem and then start again.Finally, remember it takes21 days to break an oldhabit and form a new one.Stick with it and you’llundoubtedly feel the benefitsin no time!


To help you get started withyour healthy eating goals,we’ve drawn up a week ofmenus for you to follow.We’ve included easy-to-assemble ideas plus some ofour favourite recipes that arequick and easy to create,after work or the gym.Even better, make a batchand freeze it ready for whenyou’re too busy to cook.All these dishes are packedwith healthy ingredientsto fuel your workouts andhelp you stay lean, nourishedand glowing.

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