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For many women the days leading up to a period can be fraught with mood swings, irritability and other symptoms. Different short haircuts for girls Sometimes they feel guilty that they are snapping, and this adds to the general sense of irritability. One feeds upon the other While in particularly difficult cases professional help can be sought, in more low level cases there is much that you can do to help yourelf.

Try this satisfying blend of oils using

3 drops Rose, 3 drops Jasmine and

2 drops Clary Sage to a bath.Then get in and lie back, allowing the tension to soak away. Alternatively use this mixture to make a massage oil, and rub it gently into the abdomen for a relaxing, soothing, long-lasting effect. In fact you may find this so comforting it becomes a habit.

I Slowly and firmly massage the abdomen with your hands. Rub in increasing and then decreasing circles, so that you can actually feel the discomfort slowly diminish and then vanish.

2 You can try moving your hands first in a clockwise, then anti-clockwise direction. It may be more beneficial if your partner helps give the massage.This should help make him more understanding.

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