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And know this: A half-truth is a whole lie. Character, like integrity, is much easier kept than recovered. So write from your true self, not the self you think you should be or the self you wish you were. Do not try to impress us, and do not hide behind thin walls and smoke screens. It will only bore us. Merciless self-honesty is your challenge, and will reward you with much more than you can yet imagine.

You must learn how to reject acceptance and accept rejection. People’s opinions of you and your work are irrelevant. Diy art for home decor The search for love and applause has no place in the creative process. Here is what I know: Thriving artists suffer from a feeling of inferiority, a feeling of reaching for something that stays just outside our grasp. We make contact with it, and then it turns to smoke. It cannot be held. So our work involves a constant striving. Those that don’t know this feeling are pretending to be close to art and live in fear of the loneliness of the deep creative process. This is what Samuel Beckett, one of the most influential writers of the 20th century, meant, when he wrote: ‘Next time I’ll have to fail better.’

As you work, you will learn to embrace each failure as an unavoidable part of the process. There will be many false starts and errors, and even though it is terrifying, you must continue to err, and to do so on the bold side.

Here are five important things to remember when you embark on a song-writing career: Have the audacity to lose face: Don’t worry about saving it, and embrace each glorious failure as a necessary part of the journey.

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