DIY Heart Knot Valentines Hairstyle

Hey everyone kelly here and today i’m showing you how you can do this heart shape not I really love this it’s pretty easy so I think you guys will love it too I also have a special announcement at the end of this video so be sure to stay tuned for the whole thing now let’s get started to start off you can have whatever texture and hair you want you just want to make sure that it’s smooth so it looks good once we put it into the knot then you can separate your hair from kind of your eyes up and that becomes the top half of our half updo go ahead and secure that with an elastic and then we’re ready to make the knot.

Now you’re just gonna make a simple knot by taking two fingers and putting it underneath the tail of our half updo and then make a full circle with your fingers to create a loop then you’re just going to use those two fingers to grab the tail of your hair and pull it through and that creates our nice basic knot then if you look on either side of the crisscross of the knot you can see kind of two bumps so we’ve got one on the right and one on the left and all you have to do is kind of massage them and pull them apart until they look like the top half of a heart then just hold them in place and pin them there so that you have the top half of our heart knot.

DIY Heart Knot Valentines Hairstyle Photo Gallery

I recommend using two bobby pins on each side of your heart that way it stays really really secure then if you have a little tail like I did go ahead and sweep it to one side of the heart so that it looks like it’s going with the rest of the hair and pin that in place and then all we have to do is make the point so what you do is you take the rest of the hair that’s left down and you kind of pinch it together to form a point what.

I did was to take my left hand and just pinch the bottom of the bun and then pin on either side of my fingers that way it kind of created that nice point and I put in a couple more pins just to make sure we had a nice straight line from the top to the bottom and that is our heart updo I don’t think I’ve ever done anything heart-shaped for Valentine’s Day before but I really like this one and I like that it’s a kind of easy way to get a knotted bun that looks like a heart so I hope you guys like it too I hope you guys enjoyed this hairstyle my special announcement is that I have a contest going on on Instagram I will have it linked below Tresemme is sending me to New York Fashion Week and while I’m there they’ve arranged to have three of you guys come to the Tresemme salon and meet me and get your you’re styled by me so if you’re in the New York City area you should go over and check out this picture on my Instagram comments on it you’ll be entered to win a contest so that you can meet me and have your hair styled by me and I’m really excited but also a little nervous but also really excited hopefully if this goes well we can do this some more areas so I can meet more of you and that’s it I hope you guys have enjoyed this video and I’ll see you in my next one bye I was making my way.

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