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‘We wrote most of the lyrics and we recorded it, and we were telling T Bone, we love this song, but we’re really struggling how to harmonise it. He said, oh that’s easy, we won’t do harmonies on this song, which was terrifying because we’ve never recorded a song we don’t sing harmony on, and he said: ‘it’s a good time to start’. He was right.’

While they haven’t had any communication with Dylan since the song appeared on the album, he did give them the green light to include it.

‘I feel like he has heard it, and at least thinks it’s acceptable.’

Now the record’s out, the sisters have embarked on promotional work and have just completed a six-week tour opening for the recently-reunited Nickel Creek, but they can’t wait to return to the UK.

‘We’re trying to do some opening spots and headlining shows in the US and then the plan is to come to the UK, hopefully the end of Summer, early Fall, to work and reconnect with all our people that we miss over there. I love playing in the United States because it’s home, but there’s a part of me that just wants to get over to the UK and see what they think about this record. Because, in a lot of ways, I feel like this record was made for our UK fans.

‘When I hear a British accent 1 get almost homesick, which is funny because I’m not from there, but I’m just really ready to get back over there.’

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