Do you feel resentful and bitter towards him her pregnancy?

Do you feel resentful and bitter towards him/her pregnancy?

It is important to be aware of where you think your relationship is at, because if you think it is suffering, then now is the time to do something about it.

If your sex life and your relationship are being dominated by your plans to become pregnant, now is the time to acknowledge this.

Do you feel resentful and bitter towards him her pregnancy? Photo Gallery

She stood up for what she believed in and had this real drive to fight for the disadvantaged in the community. I found it all pretty embarrassing as a kid. As an adult, however, I recognise the same traits in myself I’m always out batting for the underdog, for anyone who is being treated unfairly. I think my own kids now find it pretty embarrassing to have that mum who is always getting involved! It was a happy childhood, and it seemed that life would carry on like this forever. I love my mum and dad very much; they were good parents. But, unfortunately, when I was around twelve, their relationship came to an end, and just like that, our happy family life was flipped on its head. Dad had invested in some expensive equipment for his business that turned out to be faulty, and he couldn not afford to fight it in court. Suddenly, he was in financial trouble, and eventually went bankrupt. This put a lot of strain on my parents’ relationship, caused a lot of stress. The bank repossessed our house and it was put up for sale.

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