Do You Have Your Surveillance Bag?

Do You Have Your Surveillance Bag?


1 Light the area around the torch very carefully, keeping the corner of the high beam next to the bag so strong, sharp and clean. Pull the high beam away from the corner. Then soften the lower corner of the high light with a clean brush so the foundation will disappear towards the tinge. This high light can be styleed with a medium or medium wide brush.

2 Light the torch with a narrow brush. If the bottom cover plane is to be shaded, the high light may possibly start with a corner. If the bottom cover is bulging and becomes part of the bag, the upper corner will be under the eyelashes at the moment. Always soften the lower corner of the high beam to make a gradual change. As it is for styleing a small half cylinder, this can be done either by gentle strokes with a clean brush or by gently rubbing with a cotton swab.

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3 Modeling the fullness of the bottom of the bag with a medium shade, this filling can be done with high light either by using a clean narrow brush or a cotton cloth, keeping the bottom corner very clean and sharp and allowing the top corner to fill up towards the high light.

4 We deepen your deepest shadows and deepen your bottom brush (not the edge corners) with your smallest brush. Then slightly push the paint upward to soften the upper corner of the shadow. Become your courage to make this shadow too dark.

5 At this point, you can wish to add a touch of the alchemy using a small brush to the area between the shadow and the high light above, or you can add it later.

6 If the bottom cover is not part of the actual bag itself, it is usually overshadowed. This is about the bottom cover
it can be done with a flat brush of the same width. It is usually best to start with the outer corner of the eye and let the brush over the eyelid reach the inner corner of the eye in the shadow, allowing for more plucking. Although it may be bulging, it can be styleed as a wrinkle or miniature bag.

7 Powder the torch with a puff and take a lot of powder with a powder brush. (If you are using a makeup makeover, this step will not be necessary, of course).

8 If the bag looks too flat for a wrinkled skin in other parts of the face, or if the wrinkles are too strong for the rest of the makeup, distribute it very carefully with your sponge.

9 Now glance at your sack, see what you are missing.

10 If you have added creamy liquor to the stairwell or if it is not strong enough, brush the bottom of the bag with dry blush using a small headlight brush

It is possible to modify the technique using reddish in the middle of the shadows to style the bags. High lights are generally applied (Steps one and two) The difference comes in three steps. This style can then be presented as red between shadow and high light, thus destroying step five.

Instead of using a brush for step four, you can use a dark pencil, if you prefer, with your deep shade, which may be the appropriate color. When working with a sharpened pencil, sharpen your hard corner and then shade it with the edge of the pencil. Shade the sharp corner with a straight cut pencil to get a sharp corner in the direction of the wrinkle, then push the pencil up to complete the shadow using a straight brush with the shadow upwards, away from the wrinkles. Tighten the print in the shade with your pen.

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