Double-Duty Makeup

You are on the run. You have to pull yourself together quickly, but your makeup kit is back at home. What do you do? Scrounge into your bag and be creative with whatever you find. There are moments in life when you just go with it. A few examples:

If you could only have one product with which to make yourself up, bronzing powder would be an ideal choice. Mix it with Vaseline to use on lips. Dust it over eyelids and on cheeks and at brow bone.

In a pinch, you can use lipstick as blush. Moisturize face before applying, since neither face nor lipstick formula should be dry. (This won’t work on oily skin.)

Brown mascara is a handy all-in-one product. Use on lashes as well as to fill in eyebrows. It can even be used to cover gray roots in an emergency.

Use clear nail polish to stop runs in stockings.

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