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Hi guys welcome to best hairstyles, I’m Sarah.

And this is my daughter Gracie everyone we’re. So happy you guys can join us today we’re going to show you how to do a double loop braid. So let’s get started, I start, I’m going to go ahead.

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And spray some gel just as him telling her flyaways up on top. And a little bit of water okay. So what, I’m going to do is take a section on top of her head like this in the middle, I’m going to just keep this side here to this.

And put it off to the side, I’m going to work on this side here you’re going to set your knees off in three equal parts. And then you’re going to just take this strand over the middle strand. And then you’re going to take a slice here a small slice.

And put it to the side now you’re going to take this the strand here. And bring it over to this strand just like a regular braid now you’re going to take another strand another piece of the strand. And section it off.

And we’re going to put this strand aside. And grab the Strand that you previously took off. And put it right under the Strand here.

And put the Strand to the side take the Strand. And connect it with this one here very loosely. And then you’re going to bring this one over.

And then this one back over here in the middle make sure you pull this out the one that you put in just like this. So it’s nice. And loose again you’re going to take a slice from the outside strand.

And bring it over here. And grab this strand here. And bring it over.

And join it with this one if you want you can take water just to keep this together or some gel okay. And you’re just kind of do another regular stitch of a braid. And then when you do that stitch make sure you pull that strand out.

And stretch it out to make your leap one more time here grab it from underneath join it with this one okay. So you notice it it’s going to come back in. So when it does that you want to pull it out okay.

So you’re going to just continue it all the way down to the end. And finish this off in a grade okay. So now, I want to just look, I’m going to stir this off my last pin.

And then just fix out. And pull the loops now, I’m going to start on the other side. And, I’m going to do the same thing, I did here on the other side okay.

So now, I’m at the bottom. And, I’m equally to this side here, I’m going to join this together. And tie it off with an elastic band.

And then, I’m going to fix my loops. So now you have two right here what, I’m going to do is going to put these together we’ll keep these two right here you’re going to take these clips here. And put them together here.

And put one more down here take this one the first one, I did, I’m just going to take that out, I’m gonna put a little clip little hairspray keep it in place thank you. So much for reading we hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you do please give us a thumbs up. And comment to the link below.

So you don’t miss any of our upcoming tutorials you guys are new to this blog we would love for you to comment check out our last week’s tutorial right here until next time learn it do it.

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