DR Karen Sherman Lead Researcher at The Seattle Group Health Center

StudieS have Shown that two minutes of meditative breathing every morning can have a happy-booSting impact on your day. DR Karen sherman, lead researcher at the seattle group Health Centre, says: ‘deep breathing releases endorphins, the body’s own painkillers. This can relieve stress-related aches and help focus the mind – particularly useful if you’re waking up feeling blue and sluggish.’

DR Karen Sherman Lead Researcher at The Seattle Group Health Center Photo Gallery

so, take a moment and breathe.Berry boost‘Blackcurrants are rich in zinc, which boosts dopamine levels and helps to regulate your mood,’ says nutritionist Angela Walker. Why not try Blackcurrant Squash (£2.99, Rocks Organic at ocado.com) for a quick boost?Dress stress?Reader Lucy Nichol, 29, says: ‘I cried every time I looked at my wedding gown. So I cut of the hem, kept it, and dyed the rest red – it’s now the perfect pick-me-up party dress.’

Pause for thoughtDenise Knowles, a counsellor for Relate, says brides can avoid falling into PND by considering their motivations on marriage. ‘Some people get married because they’re in a rut; others because they want to start a family,’ she says. ‘You need to ask yourself whether you have a romanticised idea of marriage.’

Have a read of Te Relate Guide To Better Relationships, which has a chapter called Who Am I Marrying? to help you out of any of those fat moments (£10, Vermilion).Shake shackBrides reader Louisa Cross, 34, says: ‘My new husband and I made a pact on the plane home from St Lucia to maintain our “happy honeymoon” ritual: evening mojitos. We now have a permanent stash of rum, mint, brown sugar and limes so we can make them as we get supper ready.’

Spice of life According to Dr Drew Ramsey, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, turmeric is a fantastic source of polyphenols, a natural mood-boosting and brain-brightening chemical.

Add some to your daily stews, curries and rice dishes or sprinkle on salads.Digital loveCan we take a moment to worship Michael Kors’s Spring 2014 nail lacquers? All six shades (such as this gorgeous one – Sexy Nail Lacquer in Scandal, £18, michaelkors.com) are pure glamour and guaranteed to lif your mood

. Tey’re an ideal addition to your post-wedding beauty ritual.Petal powerBrighten up your desk at work with feel-good fowers, advises forist Jamie Aston.

‘Seasonal blooms are best at lifing spirits. In the spring, there is nothing like the scent of hyacinths, the vibrant colour of dafodils or the peppery fragrance of stocks to perk you and your surroundings up.’Embrace carbsAfer shedding those pre-wedding pounds, it’s time to get a little happiness back in your tummy. Channel your inner.

Italian bombshell and cook hearty, sexy dinners from scratch – we love the fresh and modern recipes from Bill’s Italian Food by TV chef Bill Granger (£20, HarperCollins).Private partyStash the virginal white underwear and helpful Spanx, and indulge in something colourful, sexy and utterly impractical (that you’ll both appreciate). Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Spring 2014 collection for M&S (marksand spencer.com) is full of gorgeous pieces, as is L’Agent, a new range at Agent Provocateur designed by Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica. Prices start at £24, lagentbyap.com.

TangtasticOrange is said to represent optimism and we can’t think of a more smile-inducing accessory than this Hermès enamel bracelet in the frm’s signature orange (£470, hermes.com) – or try a similar bracelet by Anna Lou of London (£32, notonthehighstreet.com).Red alert‘Red lipstick is a source of strength,’ says Poppy King, creator of Lipstick Queen, one of the best lippy brands we’ve come across. ‘You put it on and suddenly you feel more capable than you did without it.

’ Try her Velvet Rope Lipstick (£35, spacenk.com) for vivid reds with a modern, matte fnish.Chop shopYou spent months growing yourbridal hair and now it’s time for a makeover! Visit hair websitelayeredonline.com for haircut galleries, advice and salon recommendations.City slickTere’s nothing like a city mini-break to make you feel like his goddess again.

Malmaison London has just reopened afer a multi-million pound refurb, including a cool bar and steak restaurant, plus super-sultry bedrooms.

A double room costs from £150, malmaison.com.Sunshine in a bottle‘Fragrance is one of the best things you can buy to help make you feel good,’ says perfume expert Roja Dove. ‘Each ingredient works on our subconscious, releasing hormones to help enhance sensations of pleasure. So when you’re next shopping for perfume pick: Citrus to revive, uplif, inject life and boost vitality.

Try Neroli Extract, £275, Roja Parfums at fortnumandmason.com. Vanilla, an aphrodisiac that enhances positive sensations. Try Un Bois Vanille, £69, Serge Lutens at houseofraser.co.uk Sandalwood, proven in trials to increase positive feelings. Try Tam Dao, pictured, £50, Diptyque at johnlewis.com.’

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