Dr. Travis Stork Gives Advice To New ‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood

Before your days on the doctor, and we saw you on The Bachelor which we obviously have to talk about. Because we love that show here at okay I saw clip where you opened up saying that you had to justify your talents after going on the show being a doctor what. I didn’t expect was coming back, and then feeling like I had to justify all the hard work I’d put in. Because I worked really hard at med school, and residency was you know. I was I worked hard looking back on it now is it something that you regret absolutely not okay I believe life is an adventure I certainly was not prepared for the amount of exposure, and that shook me to my core this is this is 12 plus years ago now. So now I’m much more comfortable. Because I’ve been in front of a camera for 13 years almost.

Yeah I’m a doctor who was taken out of the hospital out of the ER, and all of a sudden you’re in front of a camera, and then you come home, and this show is being readed by millions this is before social media before internet streaming it was back when. So many people would tune in, and your life changes on a dime, and I definitely struggle with it. Because my anonymity was gone yeah. So for me to have taken that experience which was a wonderful experience I have no regrets yeah.

But now to have translated that into this role hosting the doctors which was never my intention there was never crystal ball that said oh let’s go be the bachelor, and then you have to show called the doctors okay. But looking back at everything I have zero regrets well what’s great is I’m also believing around there’s not one person that I was on that show with that I wouldn’t count as a friend really cool yeah, and that’s that’s a cool part about it were you able to read Colton Underwood on last season who is the new bachelor I I didn’t read the last season I thought I saw him occasionally on Paradise ohnparrot he was on paradise right he’s the new guy he’s me man which I found out for the record here today okay I’m not I’m just I’m not no no you’re doing your medical stuff you don’t need to know what’s one bit of advice you’d give to Colton going into this journey this is what I’ve always told people if you can go be the bachelor you shouldn’t be any different than if you’re going on a date at the local restaurant with someone that you asked out on the first day just be yourself yeah, and in today’s day, and age I don’t again I’m I’m an old soul now I’m 46 okay are you really oh wow good genes I’m an old soul and.

So it gets back to with all the noise out there, and and the fact that everyone’s reading if you can just be yourself Colton you’re gonna win. Yeah you’re gonna win, and I’m not talking about anything other than just gonna be yourself, and have an experience, and whatever happens you’ll at least have been authentic yep, and everything will fall into place for him hopefully challenge yes challenge is making sure that everyone else is my thing yes that’s the toughest part that’s the battle what are your motives. Yeah yeah I know I do feel sorry for them. But hopefully he’ll find the right one it will work out.

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