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These braids are so perfect. I could just walk out right now. I mean, not right now. My name is Ryen and welcome to Hair Me Out. My hair has always been a representation of who I am, reflecting different stages of my life. I’m excited for you to follow along as I get a ‘90s inspired hairstyle for the very first time by stylist Nigella. So we’re gonna start off with a blow-dry. Sounds good. Awesome. I’m excited. I’m also not tender-headed at all. You have a lot of length too. Thanks girl, it’s really thick.

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We have volume.. Yeah! We can go super straight. Yeah, I just started changing my hair up last year. I got a weave, I got a sew-in, and I was like, “Ooh, I like this.” I like to be different characters. So we’re gonna go into braiding. Your texture’s really thick. If I can minimize how much cornrows I have but also pattern-wise, it would be great cause it won’t be bulky. Not gonna do them too small. I don’t really believe in tiny cornrows. Depending on hair type it might be a little bit too much tension. You can experience breakage. Now I’m attaching the extensions. My confidence has really changed since I was young when it comes to my hair. Before, middle school is when I started going to the salon and getting actual styles done to my head that I wanted.

I wanted to get my hair pressed out. I feel like a lot of black parents were very strict with hair. Yes. I had to convince my parents on why I wanted to get a relaxer. Oh yeah. You know? It gave us an excuse to kind of express ourselves, and also get away from our parents that didn’t want to give you a yes to certain hairstyles. Right. My hair has always been symbolic of how I feel at the time. When I was a teenager, I liked the twists and the butterfly clips. So that was me kind of being independent and being like, “This is the style that I want. And relaxers were so revered in middle and high school. But then in college something happened where it was just frowned upon. Like, “Oh, you get creamy crack?” They was woke. They was woke! I don’t think anything’s wrong with relaxers at all. Hey, to each their own. But it was like twenty years of me just straightening my hair and not knowing what it was underneath all of that.

How To Get The Braided Bob Hair Transformation

And now, having an afro sometimes, or the high top fade, blowing it out like Grace Jones, the confidence has built. I felt like my true self when I did the big chop and started growing my hair out naturally. I know I wanted braids and then when I looked at your Instagram profile, I was like, “Oh, this is her braids with a twist.” Mhm. What inspired this style? I just wanted to do something different and who doesn’t like the ‘90s era I feel like, which is in. Oh my gosh, right. I think it will never be the same as it is today with the trend coming back. It sounded pretty crazy when I was describing it to the lady in the beauty supply store. I was like, “I want to do box braids with a leave out.” And she’s like, “With human hair?” And I’m like, “Yes.” And she’s like.. gives me that look like, “You’re bringing that back?” You know what I mean? I like the shock factor after someone gets a haircut, how much they realize that they needed it. Lowkey, your hair appointment sometimes is like a little therapy session, you know? I like to see when people come in one mood and leave out another on a good note. So it’s really fun as a hairstylist, I’m there to give great advice and also build their confidence and self-esteem. What I hate is when everybody just wants to touch your hair.

Oh my god. I was working in a hotel where a lot of tourists were coming in and they were just like, “You’re so cute!” Hair is very fragile. It’s a lot of tending to it. After you do all of that, you don’t even want to touch your hair. I don’t touch my hair. My boyfriend was like, “Babe, do you have to sleep with that scarf?” I’m like, “Yup.” Yeah, we do. Because if I don’t, my hair is gonna break from the cotton sheets. Right, right. If I can’t put cotton on my hair, your hands don’t need to be in it. Right. Yeah. So we’re thinking about this much? We can do that. We’re gonna start seeing girls walking around with, you know, your hairdo, I’m telling you. Yeah, they’re gonna be like, “This is a b-o-b.” Yes! I like calling it a b-o-b cause I think we created a name today.

Are you ready to see your new hair? Yes. Awesome. Ah! I love it! It looks so good. It’s so you. Love! I’m getting Beyonce bob vibes. I love it so much. That’s amazing. Oh my god! Oh my gosh, thank you so much. You’re welcome, hun. Enjoy! I love it so much. I keep wanting to just flip it. I know! I’m really into this braid out bob. It turned out better than I could have ever imagined. It’s really important for me to be able to express myself through my hair. I love that I never have to be stuck with a certain style and that my hair can change just as much as I do. Thanks for joining me on this post of Hair Me Out.

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