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But Before You do That, Say The Experts, These are The Questions You Must Ask

Am I likely to bump into other brides at the venue?’ Before I got married and became wedding planner, I wasn’t aware of exclusive use”, and it didn’t occur to that I might bump into another bride in the loo – which I did! So remember to ask if there are other weddings planned at your venue.’ Andrea Swift (fabulousday.co.uk) ‘What’s your minimum guest allowance?’ Always check. Most people ask about maximum numbers for the reception, but some venues have a minimum, too. If you have guests and the venue seats minimum of 90, will you happily pay for the extra 10?’ Sandy Moretta (ternevents.com) ‘Can I get it in writing?’ hindsight, we should have asked venue to put in writing the added value they verbally ofered. By the big ‘What’s included in the cost?’ ‘I only became a wedding planner afer I got married, and there are so many things I’d change now!

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Always ask the venue to list what is included in the overall package and what’s not. Go into the little details such as lighting, and mics for the speeches, as well as the big ones like whether the bridal suite is included – sometimes it isn’t!’ Dominique Douglas (stylishevents.com) day, it was no longer clear what had been agreed and not everything was done.

So be like a wedding planner and confrm everything in writing, then run through it before the day.’ Elisabetta Cirulli (linenandsilk-weddings.com) ‘What am I not allowed to do?’ ‘It’s important to fnd out about any small print – conditions such as “no dancing in heels”, “no candles” and “no confetti” can be disappointing. You don’t want to be surprised on the day, like I was! Also, if you have a venue coordinator, ask whether they’ll be there on the big day or handing it over to a banquet manager. If you’ve built up a good rapport, it can be hard to learn they won’t be on hand to see your wedding take place.

Bernadette Chapman (ukawp.com) ‘Can you reduce the catering?’ ‘Te one question that I wish we had asked when we were getting married was whether the catering could be reduced for the evening do. Our wedding breakfast was so plentiful that even with the arrival of additional guests, loads of the evening spread went uneaten. I know better now!’ Val Mattinson benessamy.co.uk.

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