Big boobs benefit from a wide V-neck that cuts from the edge of the shoulders This gives the effect of lifting and separating the breasts, but also draws attention upwards toward the neck and face, without covering up your assets.

To minimize figure flaws, always draw attention away from the problem. If you have a big bottom and wide hips, stay clear of tiny jackets that cut off at the waist, and choose something longer, to mid-thigh, to cover the problem area. Always balance out your heaviest point.


The tips below will help you get the most out of it, and avoid some of the pitfalls. Do make sure you are aware of the privacy settings you are using for your social media accounts. If you have business accounts, these don not need to be as secure and, in fact, are probably better very open so that people can easily find you; you may want to have higher privacy settings for personal accounts so you can control who sees what. Do use social media in a positive way. It can be a fantastic business tool if used correctly. Don not post on social media when you are angry, upset, emotional, extremely tired or drunk! Once it is out there, it is out there. Don not post anything (statuses, photos, shares, you wouldn not want someone else to see think friends, family, future employers Don not have your personal contact details on your social media pages, unless it is a business phone number. Don not bad-mouth or post malicious comments about another person or organisation on social media. It’ll reflect badly on you, and could come back to bite you at a later date. Don not share compromising information, including photos, of yourself or anyone else online.

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